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Welcome to Pokémon Bubblegum! This RPG is all about Pokémon role playing! Create a trainer, create pokémon, Enjoy!
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PostSubject: Empallade..   Sat Nov 06, 2010 9:32 am

Pokemon: Empallade

Type: Water-Psychic

Gender Percentage: 87.5% Male 12.5% Female

Location: Evolve Prinlia, one at end of sea route, Lv.30 (Slash, Fury Cutter, Steel Wing, Psycho Cut, Close Combat, Pound, Leaf Blade, Leer)

Information: Empallade are a naturally calm species, who are very parental to their young, and if anyone even steps near the eggs, it will slash at them with it's blade or larger arm.

Rarity: Very rare


Start: Leaf Blade
Start: Leer
(Same as Prinlia up to level 16)
16: Slash
16: Swords Dance
17: Fury Cutter
20: Steel Wing
24: Psycho Cut
28: Close Combat
32: Healing Beam
36: False Swipe
40: Aqua Jet
44: Night Slash
48: Drill Peck
52: Hydro Pump
56: Protect

Evolution Chain: Piplats -Lv.16> Prinlia -dawn Stone> Empallade

Levels: 30

Ability: Competitive Spirit, Heart of Justice

Pokedex Entry:
Empallade - The Blade pokémon

Although it's left arm is much larger than it's right, it is never off-balance, and can fight with both arms with ease and aim.

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PostSubject: Re: Empallade..   Sat Nov 06, 2010 10:40 am

What about TM/HM/EM/Tutor moves?

They're all clickable!:
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