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 Sir Jack - Son of Sir Allan

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Sir Jack
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PostSubject: Sir Jack - Son of Sir Allan   Mon Aug 29, 2011 3:22 am

Name: Sir Jack

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Trainer Type: New Trainer

History: He's a part of aristocratic familly of NEWLIGHT'S from Thonsu region... He want start him own travel... Him Father SIR ALLAN been in Thonsu the LEAGUE MASTER... Him mother... Runo... Come from Vestoria (Yea... That from Bakugan)... Once day Allan would give to Jack a PURLOIN... Wich been kid of him Liepardas... Jack decide... If him region where he start him journey been Johto... "I'm been safe here" Said... Becouse TEAM MYSTIC... Vilian's of THONSU been friend's of TEAM ROCKET. In that same day Jack come to the BIG PORT CITY pier... And get aboard to S.S SAIDO.... When he sail across the Sea... He think "Daddy told me if I found in Johto a lot of new Pokemon's... Well... How many of those are been" Two week's later Jack been in NEW BARK TOWN... "Now... Let's start my Journey" Smiled... And go to the Proffesor Elm Labolatory...

Family Tree: Father - Sir Allan Newlight, Mother - Lady Runo Newlight (Misaki), Grandmother - Lady Morticia Newlight, Grandfather - Sir Ector Newlight

Personality: Jack have a lot of more patience that him father... He's favorite type's is GHOST and DRAGON pokemon's... Allway's look when him Aunt Iris (That same like in Anime) fight using her Axew... If he found a Mystery... Try often slove them... Once day release in SHINPU RUINS in Thonsu UNOVN's.... But he can't catch anyone... But study they to slove they mystery.



Starting Pokémon

Nickname: Purloin

Pokemon: Purloin

Gender: Female

Level: 5

Moves: Scratch, Growl, Assistant

Pokemon's Personality: This is friendly Pokemon... He's very like Jack as a trainer.... Hate stay in Pokeball... Allways travel into the Jack shoulder.

Ability: Limber

Extra: He's wear into him eye's a special Sun Glasses.... If he must hide... Often jump into the Jack Bag....
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Sir Jack - Son of Sir Allan
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