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 Zelonixus group

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PostSubject: Zelonixus group   Sun Oct 10, 2010 10:30 am

i've decided to make an elite aura group, based in sevii, and sworn to protect all pokemon and kanto and johto.
the group is based on a manga called Katehyo Hitman Reborn, where most of the ideas for this have come from.
if you wish to be a part of this awesome group, you must have an aura trainer or someone one of my aura trainers have trained. you must also train under Felix storm in order to obtain the nesecary technique ABreak, that i made and use frequently on here

zelonixus family
((this is what our group is called, and are treated like the bosses of aura, the possitions are based on the rainbow, and abilities from hitman reborn))

Orange Guardian
Leader of the zelonixus
Felix Storm ((played by me))
element - Sky
Pet - Lion Cub
Characteristic - harmony

Green Guardian
Top aura user, strongest aura next to sky
Leef Griin
Element - Lightning
Pet - Bull
Characteristic - solidification

Red Guardian
Right hand man to the leader of zelonixus
Fyre Redd ((played by gallade))
Element - Storm
Pet - Cheetah cub
Characteristic - Degeneration

Yellow Guardian
Top fighter, and general
In need of character
element - Sun
Pet - Kangaroo
Characteristic - Activation

Blue Guardian
Technical person, in charge of equipment and data
in need of character
Element - Rain
Pet - dog & sparrow
Characteristic - Tranquility

Purple Guardian
is usually by them self, doesnt like big groups and is the strongest and most insistent Guardian
In need of character
Element - Cloud
Pet - hedgehog
Characteristic - Propagation

Indigo Guardian
is skilled in illusions, is very shy, and usually relies on other members
In need of character
Element - Mist
Pet - Owl
Characteristic - Construction

characters are needed for Blue, yellow, Indigo and Violet Guardians
PM if you want to be apart of this
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Zelonixus group
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