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 Leef griin

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PostSubject: Leef griin   Sun Oct 10, 2010 11:27 am

Name: Leef Redd Griin (pronounced Leaf Green, Redd was his origonal name ;P)
Nickname: Leaf
Age: 14
Rank: Zelonixus Green Guardian - Top Fighter, and strongest aura user
Element: Lightning
Characteristic: Solidification
Battle Style: win fast and easy, speed is of the essence
Looks: But has black hair
Personality: Out going and very friendly and social, hates Team Rocket, Galactic, and all other evil organizations. He likes food, and is always distracted by the smell of sausages sizzling, or pizza baking. Even though he doesn't seem like it, or act like it, he is actually a smart thinker and can act very mature for his age, and can go on with boring lectures, even his pokémon fall asleep.

History: Leef Redd grew up in Twinleaf town, a very little village, with his mom and his twin Fyre, he hated people making fun of his name, Leef Redd so he changed it to something that fit Leef Griin, keeping Redd as his middle name. he went to Pokéschool and passed with B's and C's, he easily surpassed his twin brother Fyre, who had lost in the Second round while he came in second place. He was assumed dead when he was 5, but he was alive and in a coma for years, soon he came out and now he is traveling sinnoh in search of his twin. they are the same age as each other, and they were exactly the same in every detail, except that Leef has Black hair, where Fyre had Blonde hair.

Snover was hatched from an egg, given too him as a gift from his elusive father's Blastoise and Abomasnow, he didn't even know what his dad looked like, but was thankful for the egg.

he had recently, met his brother and trained with him, teaching Fyre the ledgendary ABreak, as they were resting in sandgem, a high aura began coming, revealing Fyres Storm element, and leefs lightning Element.


Pokemon: Snover
Nickname: Icella
Gender: Female
Level: 19
Moves: Powder Snow, Leer, Razor Leaf, Icy Wind, Energy Ball(TM), Skull Bash(Egg Move), Ice Punch(Move Tutor), Grasswhistle, Solarbeam(TM), Ice Beam(TM), Swagger, Seed Bomb(MT)
Personality: feels the exact same emotions as Leef, and is very protective, but Leef usually leaves Snovella out of battle to protect her.

Pokemon: Staravia
Nickname: Elenix
Gender: Male
Level: 18
Moves: Quick Attack, Tackle, Growl, Wing Attack, Double Team, Eandevour
Personality: is quite devious, and loves Leef's poffins

Pokemon: Prinplup
Nickname: Bubbles
Gender: Female
Level: 17
Moves: Pound, Growl, Bubble, Water Sport, Brick Break, Ice Beam, Peck, Metal Claw
Personality: quite adventurous, and is very curious

Pokemon: Mareep
Nickname: Voltez
Gender: Male
Level: 10
Moves: Tackle, Growl, Thundershock, Hidden Power((TM))
Personality: is the baby of the group, very tired at times and is always held by Leef

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PostSubject: Re: Leef griin   Sun Oct 10, 2010 11:32 am


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Leef griin
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